University of Calgary

On the EDGE - (June 15th - 18th )

Thank-you for attending CANHEIT 2008! We hope you had a wonderful time in the city of Calgary.  See you next year in Montreal!

The Canadian Higher Education and Information Technology Conference (CANHEIT) is a unique event whose primary objective is to focus on those IT issues that are of Canadian significance and of primary interest to universities and community colleges. This annual conference brings together senior administrators, managers, and staff who are responsible for management and evolution of their campus information systems, learning systems, and infrastructure.

This year, the University of Calgary has the privilege of hosting the sixth annual CANHEIT conference to be held in Calgary, Alberta from June 15 to 18, 2008. "On the EDGE" is the theme for CANHEIT 2008. It allows for fellow technological trailblazers to share their adventures, and help each other to safely traverse new frontiers in the field of Information Technologies. It is our hope that “On the EDGE” will encourage innovative thought and discussion among IT colleagues at CANHEIT 2008.

To download a printable PDF of the CANHEIT 2008 Program, click here