University of Calgary

Presentation Formats

Standard Presentation: A topic presented by one or more individuals, with each person having responsibility for a portion of the presentation.

Panel Discussion: A discussion among several people on aspects of a particular topic, usually led by one individual.

Birds of a Feather sessions: Informal discussions of a particular topic, led by one or more persons who have an interest in that topic, and who hope to generate interest and discussion among those who attend. Typically, these informal sessions will be scheduled outside of the core presentation times.

Program Streams

Below is the list of streams for the Conference. These can be used as guidelines and are not meant to be limiting in any way. The most important part is to participate!

Security and Infrastructure

Focus on how to operate a secure, stable infrastructure in an “on the EDGE” world.
Examples of related topics could include:
  • Identity Management
  • Wireless Issues
  • Disaster Planning


Innovative Technologies and Methods

Showcase what you are doing “on the EDGE”.
Examples of related topics could include:
  • Sustainability
  • “Green” Computing
  • Virtualization
  • Collaboration Tools


Support Models in Today’s Environment

Share your methods of managing your IT environment without going over the EDGE.
Examples of related topics could include:
  • Strategic partnerships
  • ITIL and ITSM
  • Skill Sets
  • Recruitment and Retention


Management and Strategy

Evangelize your philosophy for staying “on the EDGE”.
Examples of related topics could include:
  • ERP’s vs Open Source Solutions
  • The role of IT in emergencies
  • Disaster Planning


Research and Learning

Present your EDGEy tools and methods.
Examples of related topics could include:
  • eLearning
  • Open Source Solutions
  • The changing world of Web.20

The stream classifications are used by the Program Committee to assist in overall scheduling and organization. Do not worry if your proposal does not fit exactly within any of the streams listed above.

To submit your proposal, please visit the CANHEIT 2008 website:

The deadline for submitting your proposal abstract (maximum of 100 words) is Friday, February 29, 2008.